The Lutheran Womens Missionary League (LWML) was created by women over 70 years ago as an auxiliary branch of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Its’ structure consists of a national level, a district level, a zone level, and individual churches. St. Matthew’s LWML group is part of Zone 22 of the Northern Illinois District.

  • St. Matthew’s group meets quarterly for an administrative meeting including the popular “Banana Split Night” meeting in June.
  • The group also meets quarterly for a worship service and luncheon event led by the pastor called “Mighty Mite” where filled mite boxes are turned in and new boxes are obtained. Mites are then forwarded to the zone treasurer who distributes the funds to both the district and national treasurers to be used towards the mite grant recipients that are voted on at the district and national conventions.
  • The group participates in the annual LWML Sunday held in early October to educate the congregation about who the LWML is and what they do for local and global missions projects.
  • Members also have the opportunity to attend annual spring and fall zone rallies, their district convention (held every two years…2016), and the national convention (held every three years…2016).

Please contact the church office (630.257.5000) if you are interested in visiting or joining St. Matthew’s LWML. All women are welcome to attend!

To find out more about the national and district LWML news, its upcoming events, and its current mite box goals and receipts, visit the following web sites:

District LWML

National LWML